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Zen tips on writing style for your website

Zen cartoon web writing tips


I’m going to keep this post simple.

Powerful content writing (i.e. writing for the web) generally requires a degree of simplicity. So this is going to be Zen-like in it’s minimalism. This will be a post of few words. More like a meditation. A web writing meditation. Okay, I’ll shut up now. On with the post…

I should mention that I’ve already written about keywords for web writing: Using keywords for SEO and other alien adventures. But this post is about writing style.

Below are four tips only, like the four seasons of nature.



(gong sound) 



Smell the cherry blossom? It’s spring. The beginning of things. What do you do when a nice stranger comes to visit asking for help?

The important thing is to be helpful. Which means being nice back and trying not to talk too much. Your home page, and your next tier of pages, must be friendly, succinct and show that you are ready to assist. If they want more information, you will give them the hyperlink to it, won’t you? It’s only polite.


(another gong sound) 



It’s hot, damned hot. But for some reason we generally feel more active in the summertime. We jump from spot to spot like a frog in a lotus pond.

Your visitor will tend to scan your website text, rather than read it. So use headings, sub‐headings, and bulleted lists as lily pads for your visitor to land on – and to convey important messages quickly. Remember to keep your bullets (and the words in your bulleted lists) short but sweet.



(two gong sounds) 



Walk through the golden leaves in your visitor’s shoes.

Your words need to be written from your visitor’s perspective. So have text that speaks from their point of view. For example: ‘Your family…./’If you would like…./If you are looking for…./Having…..feels good, right?’.

This is much more effective than speaking from your (or your company’s) point of view. For example: ‘We are…/We believe…/We recognise…’.



(a gong sound with haunting Japanese flute) 



It’s cold out there. So invite your visitor in to stay awhile, and to wander around at leisure. Every room is heated.

Use your text to lure the visitor from page to page via enticement lines and hyperlinks. The longer the visitor spends wandering about your site the more of a relationship develops and the likelihood of them contacting you.

Which means it’s not a bad idea to end every page with a recommendation to contact you (with a hyperlink to your contact page).


(haunting flute starts up then fades…)

End of post. Thank you.

This post was written by Megan Hills-san.  Megan is a writer, cartoonist, marketing consultant who has nothing else to say right now. Find out more about Megan.


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  1. Arnold

    So simple I love it.
    You should write the next marketing for dummies

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