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Megan Hills, Marketing Swashbuckler

I’ve officially been in the marketing game since the mid-1990s.

But my marketing training began when I was five, when my father (a copywriter for global advertising agency McCann Erickson) taught me what a unique selling proposition was.

And the guy didn’t let up. Every advertisement and commercial in my childhood required analysis. Use of fonts, image placement and emotive call-to-action were all part of our dinnertime banter. My teenage years saw Dad training me in voiceovers for radio commercials (inflections are god). And it went on from there.

I’ve also run a small-scale manufacturing business, managed retail outlets, worked in NGOs and have a Masters Degree in Museum Studies (specialising in explaining things succinctly and engagingly with placement, text, images and video – sound familiar?).


Who do I help?

My clients have emerged from an ample range of industries, including

  • Indigenous cultural services
  • Universities & State Government
  • Health & Arts NGOs
  • Authors, Artists & Designers
  • Event Coordinators
  • PR Consultants
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Business Management Consultants
  • Natural Therapists & Counsellors
  • Quality Management Experts
  • Retailers
  • Financial Advisers & Accountants
  • Psychics
  • Corporate Coaches
  • Printers
  • Travel Agents
  • Etc.


What marketing areas can I help in?

Plenty. And they include:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding/logos
  • Websites
  • E-marketing
  • Social media
  • SEO


“With Megan we found the perfect name for my new clinic. She guided me right through all the branding process and made sure everything translated to my clinic’s interior design, business card, signage and website. There was a lot to consider – and she considered it all!”

Anita Scherrer, MissingLink Natural HealthMore testimonials here


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