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3 ponder-worthy reasons to use My Marketing Thing:

  1. Smarter, not harder
    You can write, you might even be able to take nice photographs (and, if not, there are plenty of nice photos on photo libraries). Surely, you can do this yourself? Maybe…but there is more to marketing than meets the eye. And when it’s your own business, it can be hard to be objective. Save time and money by making the right decisions first up. Speaking of money…
  2. Cheaper
    Marketing consultants can be exxy. So if you are on a budget and are ready learn about marketing, then a My Marketing Thing coaching session or two could be the better option for you.
  3. Your graphic designer and/or web developer will get the right job done
    Hiring a graphic designer or web developer to help doesn’t mean you have hired marketing expertise. But you can give them the right brief with ‘marketing thinking’ to guide them. This means you have a much better chance of ending up with promotional materials that actually work.


We boost your marketing (and your business generally) by…

…being very clear on the following:

  • What important problem you solve
  • Why your ideal client should care about you
  • How your ideal client will want to find and contact you
  • Which words and images will work and why
  • How it all feeds into your ‘family’ of promotional materials
  • How to save money on marketing

Which marketing areas can Megan guide you in?

Plenty. And they include:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Branding/logos
  • Websites
  • E-marketing
  • Social media
  • SEO


Megan and Jeff can also help oomph your ‘business proper’ – such as:

  • Creating a business plan you can actually enjoy creating AND using
  • Showing you client care techniques that bring on warm ‘n fuzzys (and fun and profit) for everyone
  • Designing better system approaches so your business runs squeak-free


“Financial planning is a really complex business. And describing what we do it in terms that make it easy for people to understand on the net I found really difficult. Megan took all that difficulty out of it. I highly recommend her to make a really significant difference”

– Nicky Stafford, Finance Strategist Your Money Matters



“With Megan we found the perfect name for my new clinic. She guided me right through all the branding process and made sure everything translated to my clinic’s interior design, business card, signage and website. There was a lot to consider – and she considered it all!”

Anita Scherrer, MissingLink Natural HealthMore testimonials here


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