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Branding oomph
‘With Megan we found the perfect name for my new clinic. She guided me right through all the branding process and made sure everything translated to my clinic’s interior design, business card, signage and website. There was a lot to consider – and she considered it all!’
– Anita Scherrer, MissingLink Natural Health

Saying it in a nutshell
‘Financial planning is a really complex business. And describing what we do it in terms that make it easy for people to understand on the net I found really difficult. Megan took all that difficulty out of it. I highly recommend her to make a really significant difference’
– Nicky Stafford, Finance Strategist, Your Money Matters

Re-branding on the move
‘We already had a name and a logo. But the logo design wasn’t quite right. Plus we needed a something in our logo to explain what Embrace Life actually does. As we were moving premises, the deadline to upgrade our branding was tight. But Megan helped us get the design, tagline and descriptor right – ensuring it all worked well on our flag signage, business cards and website.’ – Sharon Armstrong, Director, Embrace Life

The right pitch
I needed a PDF flyer targeting architects and interior designers for my Staccato screens. Megan’s advice guided what images to use and how to succinctly outline the flexibility and application of the product. The PDF opened doors for those initial meetings I really wanted.’
Patricia Harper, Artist and Designer,

Business launch for introverts
‘I needed to spread the news – fast – that I was open for business. Megan came up with the idea of ‘marketing for introverts’ – which I think is wonderful and such a relief for people like me. Megan has gently coached me through creating a logo brief for the graphic designer, design ideas and writing the content for my brochure and website, and setting up my social media profiles. She also coached me through setting up my MailChimp e-news account and template – even how to write my first e-news article and how to select the best photo to go with it and load it all. She has also taught me about SEO. I couldn’t have done it without Megan – I am so grateful.In short, Megan got my business ‘out there’ – and how! I’d recommend her to anyone wanting valuable, practical marketing advice.’
– Kate Gilbert, Health Practitioner, Subtle Energy EFT

Beefing up client numbers
‘Megan coached me through the key marketing steps of promoting my acupuncture and massage clinic – including: branding website, advertising, PR, flyers and postcards. Her valuable guidance not only lead to an increase in clients, I’m now able to coach other health practitioners in how to market their own clinics – powerfully and cost-effectively.’
– Jeff Shearer, Health Practitioner and Health Practice Coach, Ethical Practice

Knowing what makes us special
‘Megan saw what made us special before we did! Her advice has been integral in our website content development, advertising, even conference presentations as well as our marketing activities. It allowed us to connect with the essence of our business and come up with a succinct message to attract new clients. I’d recommend Megan to anyone wanting to boost their business and become clear about what their business is about.’ 

– Brigitte Linder, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Director, Safflower – Your herb dispensing experts


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