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Should your website be smartphone savvy?

Latest smartphone development cartoon

A smartphone is the Swiss Army knife of the 21st century.

It’s a mobile phone that offers more functions, including – but not limited to – Internet browsing. Think iPhone and BlackBerry, that kind of thing.

What other functions?

Well, I use it to:


  • take photos of my partner while he’s snoring on the couch, with introduced props for extra entertainment
  • shriek like Aretha Franklin into the in-build microphone/recording feature
  • pretend that I’m James Bond and scan other people’s business cards straight into my contacts list at networking functions
  • thump on my djembe drum along to the virtual metronome
  • see what I’m doing, via the flashlight app, while fumbling my front door key into the lock after an enjoyable tequila evening


But that’s just me. Back to the topic at hand: I heard from an SEO specialist that…


…70% of internet searches are being done via a smartphone.

“Jebus” I thought. “70%? Is no one using an old-fangled computer monitor anymore?” Well, 30% are. Or so it seems.

Being the kind of person who enjoys looking at experts sideways, I went home and Googled this statistic. Turns out, the claim was true – but old news. The 70% was reported way back in 2008.  Time is flying, as are our nimble phone-fetished fingertips.

What is happening now, stats-wise?

Smartphone vs. computer screen internet searching activity for 2010 is not so easy to search for – via your laptop, mobile, or clairvoyant channels. I tried all three and ended up at a virtual brick wall. But we can assume it is now more than 70%.


What does this 70% + figure mean?

My first reaction was: “Oh no! Websites need to be re-designed AGAIN!”
Why? To suit those incy-wincy itty-bitty screens. How do you navigate our beloved dropdown menus, for instance, on a mobile?

Note: Or will manicurists start promoting fingernails with ends like pen nibs?


So do you need to change your website – or get a mobile app – asap?

First, let’s ask the obvious question: What kind of searching is most likely to be done on a smartphone? Here’s some I’ve come up with:

  • navigation through Google Maps is done by many a lost soul daily
  • internet banking – again done by many daily
  • accessing online booking calendars…yep, this is done by many of us daily

These are just three examples that might indicate how this search 70%+ searching figure on smartphones could be skewing reality a little.


But searching via smartphone will only increase

This is true. So the next couple of posts will take look at the low-down of mobile-friendly websites and mobile apps – and how you can talk to your IT technician about them.


This post was written by Megan Hills.  Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who feels a little sad when, sitting in a cafe, sees one person playing with their phone while the other person is blowing air through their lips with boredom. Find out more about Megan


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