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Set up your YouTube account with a good username

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Following from the last post: Making a Business-ish Video, you are going to move from the director’s chair to that of ‘film distributor’. 

In this post we’ll look at setting up your YouTube account.

Here are the 11 easy steps required:

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Click on the big blue ‘create an account’ button (they make it pretty easy for you)
  3. Type in your email address.
  4. Type in a username (there’s more info about that below).
  5. Click from the ‘Location’ menu where you are
  6. Type in your date of birth
  7. Click your gender
  8. Check the first box if you want those who have your email address to find you (it just means that others will be able to find your account by searching with your email address)
  9. Check the next box is you want to receive YouTube’s promotional material
  10. You need to accept the terms and conditions
  11. The next step may ask you to link your YouTube account with your Google account (if you have one), just involves signing in with your Google password.
    Or you’ll need to set up a Google account – so go through the process of creating a password for that (remember to go to your email inbox to verify the account).



You can click on your profile and add all kinds of extra information about yourself.



Click on ‘Settings’ and you can add a title for your channel, and put in Channel Tags (those handy key words and phrases that will help people looking for good videos in your area of expertise).

Note: you have far fewer characters available in this section than your actual video tags so be specific to target your niche. You can use the free Google Adwords keyword tool to help you identify the best keywords for you. Post on choosing keywords for your video tags to come, so stay tuned! But in the meantime…you can check out my other post: SEO and Keyword Research: Goldilocks meets The Devil.


Choosing a username

There are some handy things to know about choosing a user name. I typed in ‘MeganHills’ and found that it was already taken. So I tried MeganTV’ (afterall, YouTube is like having your own TV show) but that was taken. So I tried MeganHillsTV’  and it was available! That sounds much better than ‘MeganHills1′ (which was also available).

Best not have personal videos mixed up with professional ones, though. So keep that in mind if you are using your personal name as a username.

Business name-wise, I could have tried MyMarketingThing if that was my only focus. But I have two other blogs (My Cartoon Thing and My Burnout Thing) and my (low-profile) consultancy, wordmix. So I decided to try MyThing, not available but MyThingTV was available. Snap!

My partner, Jeff, has a business called Ethical Practice (business training for health practitioners). EthicalPractice was taken, so he nabbed MyEthicalPractice. Not a bad second option.

Ultimately, you want your YouTube username to be short and catchy. You want it to be memorable.


Don’t have any videos yet?

You can still post other people’s videos on your channel to get going. But make sure the videos you choose to promote are related to your niche and have something useful to offer. Their quality affects your reputation.


What username would work best for your business? 

Let us know about your experiences with selecting a YouTube name.

Next post…

We will be looking at how to upload your video. Livin’ the dream, baby!


This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who likes the idea of hosting her own TV show called ‘Warren’. Find out more about Megan 

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  1. If you are afraid of technology don't be. This is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Pretty much like riding a bike. It might take a few goes before you get moving but with perseverance you will get there

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