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SEO Tips Part 5: Google products and social media


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Want to rank higher on Google without spending buckets on AdWords campaigns? Of course you do. Lucky for us, SEO guiding light John Hacking of Search Tempo is here to help. Today we are looking at how to nab some SEO edge using Google products and social media.

  1. John, how important are free Google products for SEO? 

    First, it’s helpful to create a gmail account for your site. Every time I undertake a new SEO project I create a fresh Gmail account. Secondly, Google+, GooglePlaces (you need Google+ now to have a Places listing), and webmaster tools are all worthwhile for SEO.
  2. What’s so good about Google’s Webmaster?
    You can tell Google things about your web site and market. For example, if you have a .com website but want to target your particular country, Webmaster tools enables you to do that (i.e. be considered as a .au or .uk, etc.). There’s also tools in Webmaster tools to tell you what keywords people are using to find you, who links to your pages and if there are any errors in your web site.
  3. I’ve heard about Google’s Authorship project for SEO?
    Yes, Authorship has recently become a game changer. This is making a connection between your content on the web and your Google+ profile. I call it “Google Faces”. You also upload a photo of your face – and having your face next to your listings in the search results is great marketing. It is quite technical to set up the first time, but once it’s done any new content on your web site will feature your face in the Google search results.  Do a search on social media brisbane and you will see what I mean
  4. What about Google Images?

    Google images is used a lot by people to search for images – and this is important for SEO. The file names of any image you upload onto the internet should have a keyword. Then, when you are uploading, your site should give you the option to add words in an alt tag field. These words appear if the visitor can’t see the image (‘alt’ means ‘alternative’ for the image). Also when you hover over the image the words often appear. Have keywords here too, separated by a dash or underscore. Google treats dashes and underscores as a space. Lets’ say you want your images to rank for pizza parlour new farm. You could name one of your images pizza-parlour-new-farm.jpg
  5. How important is being active in social media now to SEO? (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) And do you have any tips on making social media manageable? 

    Social media is another way of getting your link on authority domains (see SEO Tips Part 4 for more info in this). I post a blog article once a week and email it out to my list through MailChimp. I then publish it on my blog, post the link on facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. And that’s all I do. For some, Pinterest is good. Social media generates traffic, people see it. If they think it’s interesting, they click through. Do social signals help SEO? I have not yet seen any evidence of that yet.
  6. Do social signals help SEO?
    I have not yet seen any evidence of that yet, but if the “social signal” results in a backlink, then yes, it does.


Your BIG opportunity: Ask the SEO expert

What do you want to know about SEO?

Raphael asked: "Do I have to have a blog to get decent ranking?"

No, but having a blog means you can generate your own keyword-rich content and link to the appropriate pages on your main web site.

Ming asked: "I can't decide whether to use the plural or singular for my keywords. What should I do?'

Use the Google keyword tool to determine which has the higher volume. In most castes the plural has higher volume.  Eg. brisbane Spanish restaurants, pool cleaners coorparoo, copywriters brisbane

What's your question? John will answer it at the end of the next SEO Tips post. Irresistible, right?

In SEO Tips Part 6, John wraps up with how to structure your website for generating some ‘Google Love’. Stay tuned!

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John Hacking of Search Tempo can help with your ranking, no matter where you are in the world. Fast-track your Google presence by hiring the guy (and, no, I don’t get any commission on the sly for saying this stuff – I just think he’s onto it). The great thing about John? He doesn’t charge monthly fees.

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