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Social media needn't suck out your soul. We started talking about this in the post, remember?: What if you don't like social media?

You may have even found a social media platform that's quite enjoyable. If so, bask in the miracle. But the question remains: Are those you want to reach, biz-wise, on there too?

Remember, marketing is really about making a connection with those potential clients/customers/valuable collaborators. That's what this whole caper boils down to.

What if your prospective punter isn't partial to, say, Pinterest, but you are? You may want to relegate your Pinterest activity to 'fun activity' or 'therapy'. Or you can see it as a way of testing a possible new market who is also into the pin thing. But draw your focus back to your main target market and which sandbox they like to play in.

Below are some ideas to make the sandbox feel more like a tropical island (without the hurricanes):

  1. Pick the right sandbox
    Where are your potential clients hanging out? It might be Facebook, for example.
  2. Take up post scheduling
    Schedule a month's worth of posts in one sitting. With Facebook, you can schedule your posts to appear on your page later. Here is what facebook says about that. But there are other ways to do this – which we will get to in a mo'…
  3. Post on facebook, auto-feed to twitter
    Facebook might be your main focus. But what if prospective clients may also be found on Twitter? Using sync apps (auto-feed applications) on the social media platforms themselves, you can post to Facebook, which automatically feeds that post to your Twitter profile (Facebook to Twitter app here), or Twitter to Facebook (Twitter to Facebook app here). But social media sandbox dictators tsk tsk this shortcut. Why? Because people behave differently on the various social media sites. They would prefer you use a third party social media management tool (more on that in a minute). But, quite frankly, most of us are lucky to have the time to do anything on social media. So I won't tell. But what if you want to post on LinkedIn too? Twitter doesn't auto-feed to LinkedIn anymore….bugger….
  4. Posting across many social media profiles
    What if it's worth posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+? Answer: Hootsuite – a rather nifty social media management tool.
    Note: now Google Plus looks like it's worth acknowledging for Google ranking reasons, even though it's awful quiet in there…


Hootsuite and the gang

To schedule your posts and post across a number of your social media profiles in one hit (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or LinkedIn) then consider Hootsuite as a sanity boost. There are other scheduling platforms, like:

But they usually don't have the main social media platforms covered or they cost too much for most of us. Hootsuite has been around for donkey's years, covers the main players and has a great free version. Snap.


One drawback to third party social media management tools
Facebook does seem to reduce the number of impressions you get if you post from a third party application – Hootsuite or any of the others. Facebook would prefer you used their own scheduling system (they seem to be penalising the third party apps a bit but no one can say this for sure).

More info on this by Joel from Deep Footprints who wrote about it in July 2012. The folks from Talk About Creative reinforced this recently in their post Facebook vs 3rd Party Apps.


So should we be trading convenience for viewers?

Yes, if using Hootsuite (or other 3rd parts apps) means you are actually on facebook – rather than running out of gas over the whole palaver.


Next post: How to get started on Hootsuite. Stay tuned!

This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who likes saving time on social media in order to draw very important doodles. Find out more about Megan.

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