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Promotional material tips: magnets

fridge magnet eyes cartoon

Magnets follow logically from my previous post about Ernie, the business card.

‘How so?’ Mavis (my inner-post-critic) asks.

‘Like business cards,’ I reply, ‘magnets are more likely to be kept and referred to for the longer term. Magnet are usually kept on the fridge. A place we look at again and again.’

‘I prefer my fridge to be free of clutter,’ Mavis says smugly.

‘Good for you,’ I reply. ‘Can I write my post now?’

‘Fine.’  Mavis sits back and folds her arms in a huff.


A promotional magnet often looks like a business card, but is one-sided and can be slapped on a fridge (or filing cabinet, or those funky metallic pin boards, etc.). So in some ways they are even better than a business card. Magnets are on display as a visual reminder and an introduction to others who happen to see it.

Here are some tips to consider when it comes to promoting what makes you special via this most magnetic marketing tool.

  • Promote what makes you special
    (Yes, Mavis, I’m repeating this for a reason). Magnets are not just a game of logo and contact details. Every piece of promotional material you have needs to promote what makes you different from the rest. Read my business card post for more info on this.
  • Branding continuity 
    Ensure your magnet has the same ‘look & feel’ as your business card and all your other promotional material. Branding continuity is vital for building up trust in clients and potential clients.
  • Basic contact details
    Always have your business name, phone number and website address. If you have a location you want people to drop into, then have the physical address. You can afford to lose: a PO Box address, fax number and email address (they can email through your website).
  • Make it look attractive
    You want the magnet to be picked up and put on display elsewhere. So make sure it’s designed attractively – not only for the fridge owner but also for the friends and relatives who pop around and gaze at that person’s fridge while the coffees are being made.
  • Give them a good reason to ‘fridge it’
    Tradespeople and healthcare givers seem particularly popular in the refrigerator realm. Easy reference for basic needs = fridge slap. If you’re not in either of these sectors then it might be worth taking your magnet to the next level: the particularly inspiring or helpful magnet.
    Example 1: Have a famous amusing or inspirational quote that’s also be relevant to your business.
    Example 2: Helpful reference info (e.g. a wine association invests in a larger-sized magnet to include a wine variety diagram).
    Example 3: Annual calendars, again on larger magnets (done to death but can still be handy)
  • Sandwich board trick
    Business owners with metal sandwich boards can put the magnets along the edge of the sign to encourage passers-by to pick up a magnet on the way. This tactic means the magnets are not just used by current clients, but those who haven’t used your services yet.
  • Special offer distribution
    Print a time-limited offer on an attractive card and have a space to stick you magnet onto it (ensure it can be pulled off the card without causing damage to the magnetic side). Distribute through:
    –  Networking event tables or event ‘show bag’
    –  Through letterbox mail-drop in your targeted district
    –  Magazine/newsletter inserts
    –  Surprise bonus with any purchase (include in retail bag or direct mail purchase package)
    –  Give to treasured clients as appreciation for their support

Magnets are cheap to produce so it’s worth a whirl – no matter what Mavis says.

Next we are going to be talking about the secret pleasures of bookmarks, postcards and coasters…very exciting.


This post was written by Megan Hills.  Megan is a writer, cartoonist, marketing consultant who thinks you have a certain magnetic quality. Find out more about Megan.

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  1. Nadine

    Don't worry Megan. We all have a Mavis. I don't listen to mine either ;)

  2. Great post Megan!
    The humble fridge magnet still gets used in our household too!
    But could you ask Mavis to keep it down? She keeps interrupting me while I'm typing this response.

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