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Michael Q Todd takes the stress and guesswork out of social media - My Marketing ThingMy Marketing Thing

My Marketing Thing

Michael Q Todd takes the stress and guesswork out of social media

Michael Q Todd Social Media cartoon

Michael Q Todd primarily coaches people about Twitter, but also gives social media advice in general. Based in Japan, Michael also spends his time in Brisbane (Australia) and California (US). 

I had a chat with this highly mobile individual about the inside scoop on how to handle social media. Here are the beans he offered to spill:


  1. How does a social media newbie decide what vehicles to focus on first – or is it best to dive in the deep end and try out all of them at once?

    Take it one step at a time. And be committed to each step. Trying everything at once and doing it half-heartedly is more likely to damage your business than boost it. For example people with a public Facebook page or a Twitter account that they have not updated for 2 weeks are going to turn away potential business who visit there because they will see you as uncommunicative. Especially if they have tried to engage you there and you have not replied. 

    Here are the steps:First, set up a blog


    …or a blog component on your website. Why? Because you’re giving away valuable information in exchange for their email address. Your post content can’t be about “me, me, me!”. It has to be genuinely useful information to your subscribers. Most top internet marketers argue that you must give away your best information in your niche for free to stay ahead of everyome else.The process is essentially all about building your reputation and your list. So post some useful information at least once a week, give an enticement or reason to become a friend on your Facebook page and visit your YouTube channel (more about that in a minute). And keep building your list.

    Secondly, set up a profile on Facebook

    …because it’s easy (ask a kid to teach you how to use it – it’s second nature to them!). Once you are confident on that, you can set up a Like page and a Group (more about that later). Your photo is important.You want to look friendly, happy and professional. It is well worth the $30-50 it takes to get a great photo taken. Have a light-coloured background and show as much of your face as possible.

    Then set up a profile on LinkedIn

    …also because it’s easy. And it gives you much more room to explain what your business actually does. Your clients can write recommendations on your behalf, you can link your blog posts to it. There’s a lot you can do on LinkedIn.

    Then set up your YouTube Channel

    Google owns YouTube so your ranking is likely to increase 10-fold being on YouTube. YouTube is much the same as Facebook. You can build up a network of friends, you can subscribe to other people’s channels and they can subscribe to yours. Your videos can have tags – which are keywords – so the right people can find you. I recommend having at least one video. Your first video needs to be about introducing your business, how you help people.

    Then, if you feel ready, set up your Twitter profile

    If people start social marketing with Twitter they often lose confidence and drop out. It’s a blank area and you need to learn how to use it.


  2. Should you separate professional social media from personal?

    I don’t. And I don’t see the need to write differently on social media as I do talking to people face-to-face. People are attracted to personalities. If you are a house painter, for example, it’s amazing how many people will hire you life they like your personality. It’s not just about the quality of work or how much you charge.So be yourself. If you don’t then you’ll attract other people who aren’t being themselves – and you don’t want that. If you are yourself you will attract people like you who like you!

  3. With Facebook, how do you decide between setting up a standard profile, a Like Page or a Group page? 

    Have all three! 
    A Facebook Profile Page
    …is useful for gathering and developing realtionships with friends, making comments, posting articles and videos, sharing photos and chatting.

    A Facebook Like Page
     …is great for building subscribers. You can also have an online shop on your Like Page, so it’s useful for selling products. Large numbers of people in the US are also putting landing pages on their Facebook Like Pages. You can also post videos and promote your events on your Like Page. You need 25 people or more to ‘like’ your Like Page and then you receive a Vanity URL from Facebook (that is: www.facebook.com/(username). This helps protect your business name, much the same as buying a domain name for your web site. But when more than 100 people like it, you can’t change it – so choose your Vanity URL wisely. You can run live events from your page, hold discussions and much more.

    A Facebook Group
     …is a great way to create a community around you, to get people talking with you and each other about your area of expertise. I recommend learning more about this through Facebook expert, Mari Smith: http://www.marismith.com/facebookforprofessionals/  Keep your group relatively small. 20-30 people is perfect and these people will become your advocates.

  4. What are the common time-wasters for social marketing?  

    Talking to people who aren’t your customers or who aren’t going to promote you. 

    The key is to find people who are best known at what you do and start talking (i.e. commenting on posts, videos and forums, etc.) to the people they are talking to. By doing this you eventually become identified with those already recognised in your field. So start with the people below first, then build up to the top. And be sure to be social as well as professional – find out their birthdays and kids names!



  5. How much time per day should a person schedule for social marketing?  

    9 hours a week (1 hour per day Monday to Friday, and 2 hours per weekend day). More than just “social marketing” these days this is an essential part of being a business person.

  6. If you only have 1 hour a day – how should you spend it?- Check your Facebook messages.

    - Make an update once every 2 days.
    - Contribute some comments and questions to previous updates on your Profile,Your Like Page and Your group,
    - Contribute a comment or at least a Like click in a couple of other groups you are on or on the profile or Like Page of at least 5 of your key friends.
    - Assess your Facebook friend requests
    - Make a blog post and a video once a week, send both of these out to your list and share them by posting links to them on your Twitter, Facebook Profile and Page and also your linked in account.
    - Send out at least 5 tweets from twitter a day maybe scheduled through Hootsuite or Tweetdeck so that they do not all go out at once.
    - Do some friend adding to extend you various networks.
    - Study and test one new tool every day.

    All I have advised is possible if you stick to it – don’t meander off getting involved in discussions your friends are having about food, TV, their kids, etc. This can be fun but should be done ONLY if you have time after your core business ‘work’.

  7. Does it matter what time of day/night a person works on social marketing?

    Yes it matters. It depends on who you are trying to reach and when their key social media interaction times are. That’s why I work with California time – their busiest social media interaction times are Sunday mornings, Monday nights and Thursday nights. So that’s when I’m online. You will learn most about the social media space by interacting with people in California.
  8. Is it a good idea to hire other people to do your social marketing for you?

    I think you really have to do the social marketing yourself if your business is driven by your personal profile. However, if you are an organisation, it is possible to hire someone else to comment on your behalf. But you that person needs to thoroughly understand your business before going ahead. People can see pretty quickly if it is not you who is doing it.


Michael’s facebook page is always open: www.facebook.com/MichaelQTodd

Twitter @mqtodd: http://twitter.com/mqtodd

YouTube /michaelqtodd: http://www.youtube.com/user/michaelqtodd

LinkedIn michaelqtodd: http://jp.linkedin.com/in/michaelqtodd


This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who squawks rather than tweets. Find out more about Mega

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  1. Natch

    ) Is it correct that in order to get the desired facebook vanity url for your business AND that will direct visitors to your business and not your personal profile/ page you must:
    a) first create a personal facebook account, making sure to not choose the desired url you want to use for your business as part of your personal profile and
    b) then a create a business fan page at ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?campaign_id=372931622610&placement=pghm&extra_1=0 )
    making sure to choose the desired business url here as part of this fan page profile.?
    Albeit you might not be able to choose the desired business vanity url because either that vanity url is taken by someone else, incl yourself as part of your personal profile, if you failed to follow b) above, or you do not yet have at least 25 fans.
    2) What is the proper method to insure that visitors who type in your business vanity url after set up and such visitors either do not have a facebook account or are not logged to their facebook account can still fully see your business fan page without logging in or registering?
    3) Is it correct that you can create mulitple business fan pages from this single original personal account that was set up per 1) above and that each business fan page could have a separate vanity url, if you meet the requirements that nobody else already has that vanity url and you have at least 25 fans?
    4) Is there an important difference as it relates to business and/ or personal pages of “friend”, “like”, “fan”, etc?
    5) Furthermore, is it also correct that the email address that you use when setting up your original personal account should not be the email address you will want to use for your business fan page. Because your personal account and your business fan page must each have a different email address to be able to get a vanity url for your personal account and a different vanity url that directs to your business fan page. Moreover, thereafter for each other business fan page that you set up, each such business fan when being set up must have its own unique and separate email address in order to get a separate vanity url for that page?
    6) LASTLY, Elsewhere someone commented that there is a solution if you ACCIDENTALLY linked your personal page instead of your business page to a set UserName.
    Is it true that if, for example, someone created a business fan page, then accidentally linked the business vanity url to their personal profile they could fix this problem by going into the “account” settings of the personal profile, and “change” the username, because changing user name will automatically change the vanity url associated with that profile, but this fix is only possible once.
    What is unclear if this is even possible, is what happens to the availability of the vanity url that is no longer associated with the personal profile when you change your personal profile username. If you wanted that vanity url to be associated with the business profile and you remove it from your personal profile does not the vanity url then go into an ‘unavailable for anyone’ status of some sort?

    • Megan

      Blimey, Natch. That’s one hell of a comment. I’ve sent your queries to Michael Q Todd – who is possibly somewhere in between Australia and California. Being a busy chap, I may not hear back. Will endeavour to address these…one way or another…soon!

  2. michaelqtodd

    Thanks Megan.Love the cartoon!
    Will have a proper look at all your questions soon Natch but in the meantime I can say that you can change your url on your FB page up until the time you have 100 "likers"

  3. Some very valuable tips and pointers in this article – both for newbies and the more experienced too, thanks JJ

  4. michaelqtodd

    Thanks JJ Have just read the text through carefullu and I must say that Megan has taken a rambling one hour conversation and come up with something pretty special!

  5. Megan

    Hi there. Yes, it has been updated quite a bit since March 2011. You may want to refresh your screen :)

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