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How to ask someone to build you a mobile-optimised website

How smart are smartphones cartoon

(Cartoon in homage to the great Garry Larson
and his ‘School for Gifted Children’ masterpiece)

This ‘mobile-optimised’ post leads on from the previous posts: 

This is the last consecutive post on this topic, promise!

And I’ll be brief.

Why? Because I only know a bit about this. Even though this is now the third post on the topic I must still declare myself a nappy-wearer in the realm of smartphone savviness. But my research has gleaned the following….

First question: Should you have a mobile-optimised website or a standalone app?

In other words, do you need mobile-savvy website (that can be read on a desktop computer aswell) or a mobile-only application?

Note: if you don’t own a smartphone so aren’t up on this ‘app’ biz, ask a buddy who does have one to take you through the paces on theirs.

If your visitors are particularly ‘tech-savvy’ readership, you might want to consider investing in a standalone mobile app.

If you already have a website with lots of features, ask: Are these features useful to those looking at your site on their mobile? If so, you might want to stick to simply making your website a little more mobile-friendly (or ‘mobile-optimised’).


Choosing someone to mobile-optimise your site (or build one from scratch)

The process of hiring someone to design and build a mobile-friendly website is not dissimilar to hiring someone to design and build a standard website.

Of course you want to choose someone who knows what they are doing. So look at their website:

  • Do they talk about ‘mobile-optimisation’ on their site?
  • Do they have samples of their work?
  • Is their site mobile-friendly?


If you hire someone, make sure they:

  • analyse what your business is, what it needs to achieve and for who
  • give you a ‘wireframe’ of the proposed home page and other key pages
    (i.e. skeletal version – no fancy design aesthetics – just a layout that indicates what goes where)
  • make sure the proposed mobile-friendly navigation of the site is explained to you

Once all this is okay, they can then work on the creative look of your website’s design. Make sure of the following:

  • you are clear on what the pages will look like (not just the home page)
  • that the design is in sync with your total business brand (i.e. what your business card looks like, letterhead looks like, brochure looks like, etc.)
  • the builder/designer explains how the design will optimise your business

Then they build the whole shebang with fancy-pantz coding.


Once your site is built…

…make sure your site is tested on several smartphone platforms before launching that baby into the world.


This post was written by Megan Hills.  Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who can use all the help she can get in the mysterious world of CSS coding and HTML. Find out more about Megan

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