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Hobnob Angel, Kylie Welsh sheds light on Twitter and Facebook

Kylie Welsh, Social Media Angel cartoon

Kylie Welsh uses social marketing tools better than anyone I know…except maybe Seth Godin (with that said, Kylie seems more enthusiastic about Twitter than Seth).

Kylie is founder and director of Brisbane Woman – an organisation that is dedicated to promoting, educating and connecting women in business. She’s usually co-ordinating a busy schedule of networking/workshop nights and masterclasses. But don’t worry if you’re not in Brisbane. Kylie also has a great blog (where there’s also a free member directory) and is about to launch the first of many Brisbane Woman webinars.

If you ever see Kylie you will notice that she is ALWAYS wearing a beautiful dress, looks wonderful in glasses and – for such a dynamic hobnobber – somehow maintains a sweet, quiet humility…quite rare these days.

Perhaps it’s because Kylie’s a genuine enthusiast – rather than a big ‘me’ megaphone – that social marketing has worked well for spreading the word about Brisbane Woman.

Here’s our chat (my interrogation) about Kylie’s experience with Facebook and Twitter:

  1. Do you use Facebook for personal purposes too?
    When I first went on Facebook it was purely for personal use and to keep in touch with my family and friends and share pics. This has totally changed now and I use it for 80% business and 20% personal. It’s important to still let your personality shine through and for your Facebook friends to get to know the real you, but you tend to focus more on your business/brand/expertise when making posts and comments.
  2. Can you tell what proportion of those involved in Brisbane Woman events regular Facebook and/or Twitter users? (i.e. is it popular with your punters?)
    This tends to ebb and flow a bit. After initially using Twitter for 3 months, I started to get quite a lot of business from this, probably about 30% of new attendees would come via Twitter. I still use Twitter now, but personally prefer Facebook and have ended up investing more time in this. Ideally it would be great to spend equal time on both or outsource this function to an expert who could look after it for you, as they are both very powerful business tools.
  3. How did you decide between setting up a standard profile page, a group profile, or a fan page on Facebook for Brisbane Woman?
    I decided a safer option would be to have my main focus on developing ‘friends’ rather than fans for my business pages or groups, as I was not sure of their longevity as a relationship building tool. I have a Brisbane Woman group and fan page. The fan page is more popular and is a great way to keep updating members and send out invites to events but I find ‘friending’ people a more effective way to build relationships.
  4. Did you employ someone Facebook savvy to advise/set it up for Facebook and Twitter profiles for you?
    No, I set them up myself but I think getting an expert is a much better idea. It took me ages. I now outsource some of this function to my VA, who deals with putting my events on and sending out invites also.
  5. I love how you can see your latest Facebook posts and Twitter tweets on your website. Was that tricky to set-up?
    That was really easy. I think I typed ‘Facebook badge’ into the search area of Facebook and they give you step by step instructions. It was the same with Twitter. I did this myself and am pretty non-technical so anyone can do it!
  6. How often do you use Facebook and Twitter?
    Every day, probably at least 1-2 hours is spent between the two mediums. If I have an event or more marketing is required, this can increase to 3-4 hours.
  7. Is Facebook something you immediately warmed to and got in the habit of? Or have you forced yourself to use it because so many others do?
    I thought it was fun but didn’t take it too seriously. I could not have imagined how successful it is as business tool. It took me a while to believe it was actually going to work for work, but I persevered as it was fun anyway. Now many new visitors come to my site and events specially from Facebook so I know it is really working.
  8. How about Twitter?
    Twitter was more of effort for me personally but I also grew to enjoy this too. Once you start getting results, it’s amazing how your enthusiasm increases.
  9. Which social media tool is your favourite and why?
    Facebook. I love the visual side of facebook: reading detailed comments, pics etc You really are going into to people lives and that makes it feel more personal to me.
  10. Would you consider hiring someone to make Facebook comments on your behalf? (if yes/no, why?)
    I believe there are social media experts that do this very well, as all of their work and comments links directly to your brand and expertise. I can see how it could work with an expert who will build your credibility and develop your expert status in a niche. They post relevant articles for your readers and find professional groups for you to join etc.  It often comes down to timing, so if you don’t have time to do it yourself, it is better to pay someone else, than to not use Facebook at all. I’m probably not quite ready to take that jump now but I would consider it in the future.  Even with my VA doing work for me sometimes on Facebook, you still have control and can ad your personal touches where you want to.
  11. For all the time you spend using social media, do you feel you get the same value (or more) in return? If so, how?
    Yes I definitely do. I am strict with moderating my time on social media now as I have lost way too much time in the past. I would say 40% of my new clients come from Facebook so that is an amazing result.
  12. Do you have any words of wisdom/nifty tips for people who are having trouble getting into the Facebook/Twitter thing?
    - Stick with it for at least 3 months if you want to see results.
    – Be consistent in your efforts as inconsistency soon becomes very public and does not work well for building your reputation. Set aside a specific time each day and start building momentum.
    – Be authentic in all your dealings, especially in social media. Virtual friendships can and do lead not only to new customers but new friendships too.
    – Remember to focus on what interesting content or resources, tips, expertise etc. you can provide and not on selling a product or service. Hard sales does not work well in social media. The idea is to peak someone’s interest enough for them to click on the link or visit your site.
    – Focus on your audience when writing posts/comments. You will soon feel your confidence building as your realise the great resources you can provide and not on whether you sound ‘interesting’ enough. :-) We all worry about such things, it’s human nature – but you’ll get over this soon enough (I promise!)
  13. Any other comments?
    Have fun with Social Media and experiment with what feels right for your business and you will see the results!


This post was written by Megan Hills (with the help of Kylie, of course). Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who likes how social media can amply reward genuine interest in others – but is conscious that there are plenty of pretenders out there. Find out more about Megan

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  1. Thanks Megan and Kylie. Great article. I have been meaning to get into the business side of Facebook for ages but have had too much trepidation. Hearing how Kylie approaches it makes sense.
    I went to one of her Youtube classes which also freaked me out but it really was easy. Has made me decide to take the plunge.

  2. I love this post, not to mention the gorgeous cartoon of Kylie….I have retweeted. Thanks Megan!

    • Megan

      Thanks, Krishna!

  3. Elissa

    Hi, just wanted to let you know what a great article this was.  Kylie's responses  were very encouraging for those new to social media and I now realise it's not as difficult as I thought!
    Thanks again, Elissa

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