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Do you have a social media speed bump?

Twitter speed bump cartoon

Do you have a social media speed bump? I confess I do. And it’s a big ‘un.

In the beginning I enthusiastically set up two Facebook fan pages, two Twitter profiles and a LinkedIn profile. Do I have the urge to get up at the crack ‘o dawn to milk these cows? Nope, not often.

Note: the crack ‘o dawn feels like the only chance I’ll get before the day slams those roller skates on my feet and pushes me off down the wild blue yonder.

I also have three blog sites which are apparently considered social media, too. But as I rarely get a comment on any of them, I put these sites comfortably in the ‘Megan Media’ pile.

Another note: WordPress blogsites are cheaper than counselling sessions.


The challenge

So I thought I’d share with you my new year’s resolution (I know, it’s not 2011 but I thought I’d get in early before the rush) to find new and exciting ways embrace all these social media platforms that I have created. Actually, one new and exciting way would be a beautiful thing.

And this is for the purposes of promoting ‘business’ – not to actually be social for the sake of…you know…being social. What are my chances do you think?



Let’s look at what the current problem might be. ‘Social media’ is essentially chatting to people from a broader online community. You don’t need to approach anyone specifically. You can just say something and hope that someone out there is listening and actually cares.

Sounds good, so what’s the problem?

  • Am I shy?
    I was shy when I was six. Painfully shy. It was so painful for everyone around me that I got over it. 
  • Am I afraid of negative judgement or rejection?
    Always, but the fear didn’t stop me from starting three blog sites and putting myself on a virtual slab for commentary dissection. 
  • Am I afraid that no one cares what I have to say?
    It’s the old Oscar Wilde saying: “There’s one thing worse than being talked about and this is not being talked about”…but there are times when I subscribe to Jean-Paul Satre’s: “Hell is other people”.
  • Do I have anything valuable to say that surfaces – niblet-size – into my consciousness at regular intervals?
    “And therein lies the rub,” as Hamlet said (and that guy knew all about rubs).


Dem pardy folk

You know those people at parties who manage provide a constant array of quaint witticisms throughout the evening regardless of how much alcohol they have consumed? I am not one of these people. And am one of the other kind. The kind who chuckle so much at their witticisms that I accidently stick my straw into my nostril and spray colourful, sticky cocktail into the ether.

I believe it is these witticism people who are responsible for the power mustered around social media. The Stephen Frys of this world. Their motivation is to make us feel even less funny than what we feel now. Of course, ultimately, it’s all about global domination.

Nonetheless, if you can’t beat them, then chat to them – regularly.


So stay with me…

…please…on what’s going to be a stimulating (though sometimes embarrassing) post series. I will be sharing pointers from my research – including interviews with people who use social media to boost business effectively without looking like Hannibal Lecter’s pet piranha. And, of course, exposing myself further as a social media incompetent in new and exciting ways.


This post was written by Megan Hills.  Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who likes bluebirds when they are sleeping. Find out more about Megan

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  1. Patricia

    Gutsy… very gutsy… very revealing… particularly when I can recall a discussion where someone I know made several strong suggestions that I should take up the SM (interesting, and potentially telling initials for social media) challenge.  Courageous… I look forward to the research.

  2. Megan, yet again you tickled my funny bone! I am often brilliant (I think anyway) after the social networking opportunity –  hours later! So many missed opportunities to be memorable! I too look forward to learning more!

  3. I, for one, will be very interested to hear what you have to say. I have not embraced twitter so I'd like to see what it can do! Here's cheers to the new year!

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