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God bless the internet


Skype by phone, your ipad or laptop…

Megan and Jeff work with clients all over the world. So no matter where you live, if you have a screen of some kind and internet connection, together we can work that marketing mojo.


You are in control

We don’t tell you what to do. Instead, we offer marketing and business ‘nous’, so you can make better decisions. We are likely to make suggestions, based on information gleaned from you about your industry and your business. These suggestions will be designed to help you find approaches that are most likely to work for you. And, more importantly, work for ‘them’*.

*’’Them’ are those delightful folk you want to help – your business raison d’etre


Common ‘oomph’ goals

  • Know who you want to reach and why
  • What you really need to say to ‘them’*
  • How to decide on a business name, tagline and descriptor
  • What marketing materials would be helpful for ‘them’* – and what won’t
  • Cost-effective ways to get that website up and working
  • How to brief a graphic designer on creating a logo
  • What you need on your website to actually sell stuff
  • How to brief a web developer
  • How to create a free downloadable product to lure ‘them’* onto your e-list
  • SEO/Google ranking basics
  • Tips on blogging, e-marketing, podcasting, video, etc.


A note on biz goals:

I know. This is called ‘My Marketing Thing’. BUT marketing is such a powerful underpinning for your entire business, it’s important to look at your business as a whole. That may involve:

  • Fondle-friendly business plans
  • Ramping up the client love (keep ‘em coming back)
  • Working smarter – and giving burnout a raspberry
  • Snappy systems that put an end to the heavy lifting


The format

  1. When to meet?
    We co-ordinate time zones and schedule an hour to talk via Skype
  2. What’s the focus?
    Draw up a list of things you want to discuss during the coaching session (goals, problems, ideas, any particular skills or strategies you want to develop, etc.).
  3. First session
    1-hour chat on Skype to clarify your goals from the sessions and decide a route to get there, finishing with agreed list of ‘things to do’
  4. Post-first session
    You follow up on those agreed to ‘things to do’ and we send any support material that to help you further (articles, links to sites, etc.)
  5. Next session(s) – optional
    1-hour chat on Skype to review your progress, talk through any challenges, and clarify next steps for you to take (we may send more resource material afterwards, but only if you feel it would be useful).


Making change happen

Here’s the thing: You will need to follow through. If there’s no follow-through after the session(s), then you won’t experience the benefit of the coaching. You know this. I know this. But we also want the process to be enjoyable and for you to feel supported. Our sessions can be fun, while also being productive and rewarding.


Our coaching style

We ask a lot of questions. And listen carefully to your answers. Sometimes ideas can flow through immediately. Sometimes a bit of contemplation may be needed first. The sessions are based purely on what you want to achieve. And, of course, everything discussed in the sessions is strictly confidential.


Coaching fees

  • Single session: 1 hour
    AUS $195 incl. gst
  • Package of 4 sessions: 1 hour each
    AUS $680 incl. gst (save $100)

More about fees & bookings


“I needed a PDF flyer targeting architects and interior designers for my Staccato screens. Megan’s advice guided what images to use and how to succinctly outline the flexibility and application of the product. The PDF opened doors for those initial meetings I really wanted.”

Patricia Harper, Artist and Designer – more testimonials here



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Join in on the marketing hullabaloo

Receive free tips (and cartoons) as they wriggle their way to the surface of Megan’s consciousness – here

You won’t be bombarded. Promise.

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