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Beware of trigger-happy rebranding


I did this ‘Rebranding Christmas’ cartoon (above) for my other blog site: My Cartoon Thing.   But I want to tell you about where the inspiration came from. It was a conversation with a client who was about to make a very serious marketing mistake.

The butt of the joke in the cartoon is the notion that Santa feels the need to rebrand Christmas.  The elves look less than inspired by the process.  Who can blame them?

I looked much like one of Santa’s elves when my client said to me “It’s time for ‘a fresh look’ to the business”.  Sounds innocent enough.  But we had only created the new look twelve months before.  Clients and potential clients might have really only got the impact of it 6 months before.   The ‘old’ look has only just taking hold, and creating a great response from those my client was wanting to reach.

Changing now was the worst thing he could do.

Being committed to your brand is vital.  It takes time to build familiarity and trust with your target market.  Give them that time.  Changing your ‘look and feel’ or corporate identity too soon just confuses everyone.  And all that familiarity and trust you’ve worked so hard to build goes down the toilet.

If your main brand is working REALLY well over a long period, don’t just change it for the sake of changing it.  Consider keeping it as is.  Instead, create a new injection through sub-branding.  That is: brand or re-brand your products and/or services (that exist under your main ‘umbrella’ brand).

My client’s biggest mistake was making it about himself.  He is tired of the look, so he wants to change.

But it is not about him.

The branding (and rebranding) process is for the people ‘out there’ he wants to connect with.

Don’t fall into the same trap that Santa did – instead, get out onto your sleigh and talk to the kids.  And have a great Christmas.

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