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Corporate Identity vs. Corporate Image

You hear a lot about ‘corporate identity’ and ‘corporate image’.  They sound about the same – and sound equally dull – but they are actually two different things. And it is important to know what these terms mean.  Why?  So when some poncy git starts trying to intimidate you by using them in a meeting or a cocktail party you’ll have the upper hand. Irony note #1: Marketing is essentially about engaging communication.  But when it comes to basic marketing terms, many people feel a...


The changing definition of marketing

What has the word ‘marketing’ meant to you? To some, marketing has meant vertebrae-cracking limbo dancing to the lowest common denominator in order to make sales. Or it could have been whittling down your audience to a size 1 niche and pushing a camel through the eye of a needle…in order to make sales. But to most of us, marketing has been something in between. Marketing definition: past In the past, marketing has been about reaching the people you think you can help and communicating...

About marketing and this thing

My Marketing Thing is about letting you explore the different ways you can promote your thing – with a dash of fun and a little soul. We share ideas about branding (moo), website marketing and that SEO stuff, affiliate hobnobbing, printed promotional bibs and bobs, what those boring marketing terms actually mean (corporate image, corporate material, corporate branding, etc – and why the bizarre fixation with the dull word ‘corporate’) and basically how to sell things without feeling dirty.   In short, My Marketing Thing...