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12 inklings for SEO 2015

I’ve said it before. I’m gonna say it again. No one knows with absolute certainty what works for high Google ranking. But I’ve done some research – on a range of hot-headed opinions and cool-looking data – and come up with the following shots in the dark: High quality content High quality content for humans, that is – not search engines. Don’t be naughty and launch into ‘search engine speak’. No jamming keywords down the throats of your innocent visitors for the sake of a Google...


What is an internal communications plan?

  An internal communications plan is for your team. Those crazy cats who make your organisation or business what it is. And I mean everyone: board members, directors, managers, staff, volunteers. Even if you just have a couple of people working with you, an internal communications plan could still be handy. People are communicating all over the place. Or not. Despite what you hear about our social-media-pimpled insanely noisy Communications Age, some folks actually manage to stay quiet when perhaps they could be saying something...


What would you do in this situation?

You have just opened a high quality patisserie/cafe. Your joint is found on a busy street in an affluent suburb, nestled in a small cultured city of about a million people. The suburb is known for it’s ‘old money’ belonging to an aging community who have a white-knuckled grip on their purses. But younger families are moving in. Not quite as well-stashed – but more likely to break open the bank account for a decent cuppa. The good news is there isn’t another decent patisserie...


SEO Tips Part 6: Website structure and 3 key tips

(sniff…sob…) This is the last post of this SEO series by our Google dude John Hacking from Search Tempo. John wraps up with the big picture about our website structure – and also some poignant SEO mini-tips. John, should we be aiming for more or less content on our websites? Are blogs/regular news posts still important? 
Yes, larger sites are still rewarded by Google. The more pages you have the more traffic you are likely to attract via the keyword search combination (see: SEO Tips...


SEO Tips Part 5: Google products and social media

Want to rank higher on Google without spending buckets on AdWords campaigns? Of course you do. Lucky for us, SEO guiding light John Hacking of Search Tempo is here to help. Today we are looking at how to nab some SEO edge using Google products and social media. John, how important are free Google products for SEO? 
 First, it’s helpful to create a gmail account for your site. Every time I undertake a new SEO project I create a fresh Gmail account. Secondly, Google+,...


SEO Tips Part 4: Inbound Links and PageRank

You already know it. Where you sit on Google can determine the success of your business. But do you know how to ramp up ranking, given the recent Google changes? Sage SEO authority John Hacking of Search Tempo is giving us his pearls of wisdom. So settle on your tatami mat, because today you are going to be enlightened on inbound links. 
John, what are inbound links and are they still in Google’s spotlight? Inbound links are also known as backlinks or incoming links. They...


SEO Tips Part 3: The Mystery of Meta Tags

In this Google-rank-boosting series, we are being illuminated by SEO expert John Hacking of Search Tempo. Today is about meta tags – those babies behind the scenes that can still make all the difference. John, tell us about those meta tag fields found in the back end of our websites (if installed, usually underneath the area to add /edit content on our site). What meta tags are useful these days? 
Depending on the SEO plug-in that you have (WordPress examples: All in One SEO,...


SEO Tips Part 2: Keywords in your web address

In this SEO series, we’re getting the deep dish from Google ranking hot shot, John Hacking of Search Tempo. Last post John talked us through what’s going on with Google and how the keyword game has changed – check it out: SEO Tips Part 1: The Keyword Palaver. Today, you guessed it, we are looking at keywords in website addresses. 
   John, it used to be advantageous to have keywords in your domain name (main URL). Is this still the case?
 Recently, Google started...


SEO Tips Part 1: The Keyword Palaver

How to get decent ranking on Google has never been black and white. Particularly when Google changes its rules – or algorithms – for how it ranks a website. In 2011 the big algorithm change announcement was called ‘Panda’. Which put dark circles under the eyes of many a SEO expert as they tried to work out why once high-ranking sites were suddenly dropping into oblivion (otherwise known as page 3). Last year, in April, it was called ‘Penguin’. Which had many in a flap....


12 easy steps to using Hootsuite

Why a wide-eyed owl is the symbol of social media sanity, I can't say. But, as mentioned in the previous post: Save Time on Social Media, Hootsuite can be a godsend for us less partial to the social media black hole. Choose the free version and you have up to five social media profiles to schedule a heap of posts to – then walk (or run) away. Note: You need a Twitter account to sign up to Hootsuite.   To kick off on Hootsuite: Go...