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12 inklings for SEO 2015


I’ve said it before. I’m gonna say it again. No one knows with absolute certainty what works for high Google ranking. But I’ve done some research – on a range of hot-headed opinions and cool-looking data – and come up with the following shots in the dark:

  1. High quality content
    High quality content for humans, that is – not search engines. Don’t be naughty and launch into ‘search engine speak’. No jamming keywords down the throats of your innocent visitors for the sake of a Google head pat. That ship has sailed. Give information that your ideal client would naturally want to visit, read and share with others. The longer they hang around your site (rather than leave after just visiting one page), the more Google is likely to squeeze your cheek and ruffle your hair.
  2. Mobile friendly
    Make sure your site is easy to navigate/read/interact with on smart phones and tablets.
  3. Google Business profile
    Create one of these on ‘Google My Business’ via and ask happy customers/clients to post a review.
  4. Get local
    Use local references to position your practice geographically (all part of the mobile love), and this includes being on local business directories and being on Google My Business with a map reference.
  5. Social interaction & other engagement
    When your visitor shares one of your pages on Facebook and/or Twitter. Also when they click on something on the page in order to engage with you directly, like a ‘call me’ button (again, mobile love)
  6. Short but descriptive URLs
    When creating an address for a page have a worthy keyword in there, but keep the address short.
  7. Informative headings
    Make sure your headings describe your content accurately, simply and clearly (avoid strange works like ‘inkling’).
  8. Speed up your site
    People are busy-busy. They don’t want to listen to intermission music while your page loads (large and/or many images, videos, multiple plug-ins can slow down your site – so make sure what you put on there is worth it). Make it snappy.
  9. Quality videos
    Seemingly contrary to tip #10 quality videos (not quality ‘product’, but useful information) is considered a major plus in keeping people on your site and inspiring engagement.
  10. Keywords for images
    Again, seemingly contrary to tip #10, have good, relevant images and ensure you name your image files with relevant keywords (backend tip: pop relevant keywords in the alt text)


That’s it for now. More juicy marketing goodness coming sooner (rather than later – apologies for the delayed posting).

This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing coach/swashbuckler who loves ‘runt of the litter’ words too much to abandon them entirely for Google’s pleasure. Find out more about Megan.

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