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12 easy steps to using Hootsuite

Hootsuite Owl Twitter PA cartoon

Why a wide-eyed owl is the symbol of social media sanity, I can't say. But, as mentioned in the previous post: Save Time on Social Media, Hootsuite can be a godsend for us less partial to the social media black hole.

Choose the free version and you have up to five social media profiles to schedule a heap of posts to – then walk (or run) away.

Note: You need a Twitter account to sign up to Hootsuite.


To kick off on Hootsuite:

  1. Go to www.Hootsuite,com and sign up
    Hint: to reduce the chance of glitches with your facebook account, use the same email address as you do for facebook if you can. But don't panic if you can't.

    Hootsuite signup page


  2. Select your social media profiles
    You need to connect to your Twitter account for you to use Hootsuite – even if you don't want to post on Twitter.
    Note: You will also need your Twitter account connected to upload images – even if you don't want to post images on Twitter. Birds of a feather..

    Hootsuite adding social media


  3. Connecting with your Twitter profile
    This is what the screen looks like (below). Just pop in your username or email address and your password, and click 'Authorize App'.
    Note: If it doesn't connect up for glitchy reasons: log into your twitter account on a separate page. Still a problem? Use your email address (if you had tried to connect with your user name) or visa versa.

    Hootsuite adding Twitter

  4. Hootsuite hospitality takes you on a tour
    Actually, you have no choice. Thankfully, the tour is short and sweet.

    Hootsuite tour


  5. Add another social network
    About Facebook:
    To add your facebook page to your Hootsuite account you also need to include your individual profile (you can then delete the individual profile if you wish).
    About Google+:
    Hootsuite doesn't acknowledge Google+ individual profiles, only pages at this stage.

    Add another social network


  6. Posting: Select your networks

    Hootsuite select the social networks


  7. Posting an article
    Cut and paste the link to your desired article for posting where it says 'Add a link'. This could be for a video link, too.

    Hootsuite article posting link


  8. Shrink the link!

    Hootsuite shrink link


  9. Add an enticement line
    Why should others read what you are posting?

    Hootsuite posting an enticement


  10. Schedule a post

    Hootsuite scheduling

  11. See your schedules

    Hootsuite see your scheduled posts

  12. Posting an image
    You do need Twitter to activate the uploading of images.

    Hootsuite uploading image

    But you don't need to post to Twitter. How to deselect:

    Hootsuite deselect Twitter


When a facebook glitch happened…

When I was helping a client out with Hootsuite, it connected well facebook. But when it came time to posting on facebook, it just didn't want to connect. An API error message kept coming up. To fix this, you have to take your facebook profiles off Hootsuite and add them again (I had to do this a couple of times before it would play ball).


This post was written by Megan Hills. Megan is a writer, cartoonist and marketing consultant who DOES give a hoot for anything that saves time on social media. Find out more about Megan.

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